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All myths cleared out of the way and you want to try out anal? No matter if you want to try anal sex alone or with a partner - we have all the tips and instructions you need to start with the right preparation for the best anal sex positions up to the perfect toys for the beginning.

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The right preparation for anal sex includes: pre-stretching the anus, hygiene and cleanliness, the right lubricant and getting to know your own needs. In the following, we will give you the most important tips for all these points, so that at the end you will have a better feeling for how anal sex works and how you can enjoy it pleasurably. If you have no experience with anal adventures, first discover the game with the anus on your own and find out what you like. Get to know your body and gently feel your way forward. This is the only way to find out what you like and dislike, and if the anal game is something for you. The anus isnt primarily for sex, we all know that. Therefore the region should be carefully pre-stretched before sex to prepare for anal sex. Pre-stretching is best done with a finger or anal toy. We have compiled a selection of anal toys suitable for beginners in our overview. For sufficient hygiene during anal sex, it is usually sufficient to take a quick shower and clean the area around the anus. This avoids unpleasant odours and other surprises. The anus is usually relatively clean as long as you dont feel an immediate urge to go to the toilet. If only 2 to 3 hours have elapsed since the last visit to the toilet, a little shower or bath should suffice for cleaning.

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To be on the safe side, it is advisable to gently clean the inside of the anus with an anal shower. For men it is also recommended to shave the outer area beforehand. This is not only more hygienic, but also makes the entrance a little smoother. With this classic anal shower the anus can be prepared for anal intercourse in the twinkling of an eye. We show you step by step how to do it. Remove the tip from the pump ball and run body-warm water into the sink so that you can completely submerge the anal shower. Then simply immerse the anal shower with the opening under water and try to squeeze as much air as possible out of the pump ball. The pump ball fills up automatically when the suction effect pulls the water into the anal shower. Fix the tip back on the pump ball and moisten it with some water-based lubricant. Now carefully insert the tip into the anus and press the pump ball so that the water is pressed into the rectum. Then sit down on the toilet and let the water run out of you again. Depending on the colour of the water after the anal flush, you will know if you need to flush more times. The clearer the water, the cleaner you are. Before you plunge into anal pleasure, you can clean the outer anus again with a damp cloth. Lubricant is a must for anal sex! The anus, unlike the vagina, is not known to have the ability to get wet. Water-based lubricants are best because they are gentle on the skin and mucous membranes. They can also be used with toys and latex condoms. There are also special anal gliding gels with a special formula that moisturize for longer. Cereals, pulses, nuts, fruit and vegetables are usually rich in fiber. Those who consume them regularly can promote digestion and help the intestines to empty themselves better and more regularly. For those who want to regularly enjoy passive anal sex, a diet can make it easier to clean the intestines. Eating nothing before anal sex does not help! The intestine cannot clean itself as a result.

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If you now feel sufficiently prepared and feel like anal sex, you can either try it first alone or together with a partner. For both situations - anal solo games and approaching in pairs - we have put together the appropriate tips for getting started. For the first time anal sex alone you can make yourself comfortable in the bathtub. The warm water relaxes the body and muscles. With the fingers or an anal toy you can now slowly feel your way. At first the outside of the anus is gently massaged. Gladly already with some lubricant. With it the muscles and sensitive points get used to the touches. A small anal plug, with or without vibrations, offers gentle fun thanks to its conical shape and soft material and makes the introduction to anal play more pleasant. An analpug is ideal for stimulating the anus, as well as for stretching, in a foreplay to anal sex, together with the partner. Anal toys always have a handle that serves as a stopper to prevent too deep penetration into the anus. This ensures safe playing at all times. You want to find out which anal toys are suitable for the beginning? Click here for our overview. Anal intercourse with a partner - that has to be considered! With anal sex with the partner the same applies as with solo. Leave time, slow penetration and of course do not forget the lubricant. The partner or you yourself can use your fingers or an anal toy to pre-stretch the foreplay. The tongue can also be used to gently massage, stimulate and relax the outer anus (see Anilingus). The feeling during anal sex: The first time anal doesnt always have to be the mad feeling. The anus has to get used to the anal game in most people and becomes more flexible after a few rounds of anal sex. In addition, you become more relaxed even with increasing experience. These factors make the anal sex more beautiful, because you concentrate more on the stimulation than on the actual process. For the first time anal sex is recommended to choose a relaxed sex position, in which the passive partner can drop and the active partner can penetrate controlled.

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The Girls Only Collection: Heaven vr-porn-thumb-0 vr-porn-thumb-1 vr-porn-thumb-2 vr-porn-thumb-3 vr-porn-thumb-4 Seven of the most beautiful women in the world put on a show like you have never seen as they surround you and take you -and each other, straight to heaven in this sexy, all girl orgy scene. Starring Superstar Kayden Kross and 2016 AVN and XBIZ New Starlet; Abella Danger. Tags: White, Black, Interracial, Latina, Lesbian, Mature, Blonde, Brunette, Big Ass, Big Tits, Small Tits, Masturbation, POV, Striptease, POV, Fingering, Stockings, Lingerie, Group, High Heels, Glamour Watch Movie

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Anal Hop vr-porn-thumb-0 vr-porn-thumb-1 vr-porn-thumb-2 vr-porn-thumb-3 vr-porn-thumb-4 In what is sure to become an annual Easter tradition here at VR Bangers, the adorable redheaded Chelsy Sun is all decked out in her sexiest pink bunny costume! She’s hop, hop, hopping her way into your heart as the sweetest thing you’ve ever had put its mouth on you! Check out the way she moves and be sure to look her up and down, you can actually do that since the entire experience in filmed in mind-blowing 4K VR with the proprietary VR Bangers head rig cameras. It’s VR Porn exactly the way it ought to be, and when you are trying to decide what to fill your Easter basket with this year, put down the jelly beans and the chocolate eggs… because what you’ll really enjoy the most is a virtual reality headset fully loaded with the best virtual sex videos ever filmed, right here on VRBangers.com! The way she wiggles her nose and smirks up at you as she kneels between your thighs, the look in her eyes when she knows you are ready to spew your cream filled center all over her pretty face – why watch porn on some flat screen when you can live it and breathe it in the same virtual world as Chelsy Sun and all of your other favorite VR pornstars. Whether you prefer to use a PSVR, Oculus, Vive, Ruby cardboard or any other kind of VR headset, every VR Bangers video is filmed to be compatible with virtually every viewing apparatus on the market. It’s as easy as choosing the girl of your dreams, downloading her onto your device and hopping into the action right now! From pink lingerie and holiday updates like this one to a wide variety of fetish VR films and so many frequent updates every week – this is the Easter VR Porn Bonanza you have been waiting for since the first time you unwrapped a basket! Tags: French, Straight, Couple, Redhead, Small Tits, 180, Anal, Blowjob, School College, Double Penetration, Handjob, Hardcore, Striptease, Toys, Stockings, Shaved, Costumes, Lingerie, Doggy, Natural Tits, Full Sex Watch Movie

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